Paul Currie

Paul Currie

“Paul Currie is the co-founder and director of Lightstream Pictures. His directorial work spans feature films and the staging of live events.”

He directed and produced the 2004 feature film One Perfect Day, for which he was awarded Best Debut Director from the Screen Director’s Association of Australia. He also produced the 1995 Australian action feature film Under the Gun, and in 1997 co-authored the best selling book, Heroes: A Guide to Realising Your Dreams (forwarded by Bryce Courtenay – author of The Power of One). Currie directed the acclaimed 2000 documentary Lionheart – The Jesse Martin Story and also served as creative director for World Reconciliation Day, a live and filmed event that featured Nelson Mandela and Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter.

In 2005, Paul Currie was nominated as Australian of the Year for co-founding a charity organization called The Reach Foundation. As the founder of the Elliot Currie Drama Studios in Melbourne.

He served as producer on Mel Gibson’s Academy Award winning film, Hacksaw Ridge, as well as on feature films 2:22, David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef, The Longest Shot and Under the Gun. He executive produced Rampart starring Woody Harrelson and Max Rose starring Jerry Lewis. His vast international film production work includes production servicing on The Moon and the Sun starring Pierce Brosnan and Bleeding Steel starring Jackie Chan.

In 2020, Paul Currie produced the Hollywood action feature film ‘Blacklight’ starring Liam Neeson shot at Melbourne’s Convention and Exhibition Centre. This film is the first of its kind to be shot locally in Melbourne since the COVID-19 Lockdown.